Plugins check

The following tables show the modules, blocks and filters that have been detected in your current Moodle installation; They indicate which plugins are standard, and which are not. All non-standard plugins should be checked and upgraded to their most recent versions before continuing with this Moodle upgrade.
Activity module
Directory Name Status
mod/assignment Assignment Standard
mod/chat Chat Standard
mod/choice Choice Standard
mod/data Database Standard
mod/feedback Feedback Standard
mod/folder Folder Standard
mod/forum Forum Standard
mod/glossary Glossary Standard
mod/imscp IMS content package Standard
mod/label Label Standard
mod/lesson Lesson Standard
mod/page Page Standard
mod/quiz Quiz Standard
mod/resource File Standard
mod/respondusws Respondus 4.0 Web Services Non-standard
mod/scorm SCORM package Standard
mod/survey Survey Standard
mod/turnitintool Turnitin Assignment Non-standard
mod/url URL Standard
mod/wiki Wiki Standard
mod/workshop Workshop Standard
Directory Name Status
blocks/activity_modules Activities Standard
blocks/admin_bookmarks Admin bookmarks Standard
blocks/blog_menu Blog menu Standard
blocks/blog_recent Recent blog entries Standard
blocks/blog_tags Blog tags Standard
blocks/calendar_month Calendar Standard
blocks/calendar_upcoming Upcoming events Standard
blocks/comments Comments Standard
blocks/community Community finder Standard
blocks/course_summary Course/Site description Standard
blocks/feedback Feedback Standard
blocks/glossary_random Random glossary entry Standard
blocks/html HTML Standard
blocks/login Login Standard
blocks/mentees Mentees Standard
blocks/messages Messages Standard
blocks/mnet_hosts Network servers Standard
blocks/myprofile Logged in user Standard
blocks/navigation Navigation Standard
blocks/news_items Latest news Standard
blocks/online_users Online users Standard
blocks/participants People Standard
blocks/private_files User private files Standard
blocks/quiz_results Quiz results Standard
blocks/recent_activity Recent activity Standard
blocks/rss_client RSS client Standard
blocks/search Global search Standard
blocks/search_forums Search forums Standard
blocks/section_links Section links Standard
blocks/selfcompletion Self completion Standard
blocks/settings Settings Standard
blocks/site_main_menu Main menu Standard
blocks/social_activities Social activities Standard
blocks/tag_flickr Flickr Standard
blocks/tag_youtube Youtube Standard
blocks/tags Tags Standard
Directory Name Status
filter/activitynames Activity names auto-linking Standard
filter/algebra Algebra notation Standard
filter/censor Word censorship Standard
filter/emailprotect Email protection Standard
filter/emoticon Display emoticons as images Standard
filter/mediaplugin Multimedia plugins Standard
filter/multilang Multi-Language Content Standard
filter/tex TeX notation Standard
filter/tidy HTML tidy Standard
filter/urltolink Convert URLs into links Standard